Pingyao Ancient City..the City

City Wall of Pingyao
Being one of the four wholly-protected ancient cities in China, Pingyao Ancient City is thought of as the ‘treasure house’ of ancient Chinese architectures.
Pingyao Ancient City is situated in the south of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, the history of its original construction dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th Century BC -771BC ) and later being enlarged in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) for defense reasons.

The city is entirely enclosed and all the Buildings inside are in the ancient tradition and built with ancient bricks and Styles. Each home is enclosed in its own courtyard surrounded by a brick containing wall with a gateway to the street.
These gateways are each unique and create the ancient feeling of seclusion.
It is interesting to peer into the open doorways and see bicycles and shoes that are distinctly more modern.
The Main Streets are now lined with many traders selling an assortment of wares from ancient artefacts and statues to lacquerware and apple seed jewellery.
Traders are very friendly and not as pushy as those in other areas. They are helpful and quick with a calculator ready to bargain.

2 thoughts on “Pingyao Ancient City..the City

  1. Maggie, i haven’t been to China like you, but your description reminds me of the place a b4 the war missionary lived , taught in & had an orphanage.- Gladys Aylwood . You may have see the movie, called “the Inn if the Sixth Happiness”. As a teenager, I heard her speak of things & experiences that I’ll never forget! Her faith in God stirred my soul as she told of spending days crossing mountains & avoiding terrorist style soldiers with 100 children trying to reach freedom, only to be blocked by the yellow Tibris River. But they prayed & God made a way with an unexpected row boat !


  2. Your description reminds me of the type of house that Gladys Aylwood, missionary to china b4 the war lived, taught & had an orphanage in . You may have seen the movie, “the Inn of the Sixth Happiness” ? When I was a teenager I heard her speak. But I have never been to China like you!


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