storm travels 2000km across Australia

Satellites, lightning sensors and phone cameras have captured the epic journey of a thunderstorm complex that produced around 1 million lightning strikes across nearly 2,000 km of the Australian outback.

A small set of thunderstorms developed over the Simpson Desert on Sunday morning as a low pressure trough passed through central Australia.

At 11am AEST, the storms were near the junction of the SA, NT and QLD borders, causing lightning and rumbles of thunder around Birdsville.

By the middle of the afternoon, added heat from the ground had caused the storms to intensify and become more widespread through western QLD and the NT.

At 5pm AEST, an intense storm produced a wind gust of 109km/h at The Monument Airport in far west QLD. These blustery winds, which were caused by outflow from the approaching thunderstorm, kicked up a wall of dirt that engulfed roads and towns across western QLD the NT’s eastern inland.

Pats Park Macleay Island

Pats Park Macleay Island

Pat’s Park

This park was the site of one of the island’s two main oyster camps. While the first oystermen and lime burners set up camp anywhere, by the late 1880s they were encouraged to camp in various reserves that were set up around the bay. Some reserves, such as that at Currigee on Stradbroke Island, grew into mini townships, but most were modest affairs that have long since disappeared.

Pat’s Park should perhaps be more correctly known as Pott’s Park as it was the camp of oysterman J Potts in the 1890s. Today it is the site of dawn services on Anzac Day. It is also a popular picnicking and swimming place as it has the only netted swimming enclosure on the island.

For some time in the 1800s the island was called Tim Shea’s Island after a convict who lived on the island for more than a decade.  The current name was given by surveyor James Warner who named the island after Alexander Macleay who was the Colonial Secretary of New South Wales from 1825 to 1837. The island has a rich history of the Aboriginal/indigenous peoples presence with middens and stone fish traps still found on the island.

For a time, the island was widely known as Tim Shea’s Island. Timothy Shea was Irish convict transported in 1826, arrived Moreton Bay July 1827, escaped from Dunwich and lived on Thompson’s Point near a water hole for 12-14 years. In 1851 he was imprisoned again. An 1865 map shows subdivision on Macleay Island allowing for roads, wharves and reserves for aboriginal sites, including Corroboree Point. Well known as an important aboriginal site right from beginning, Corroboree Point was camp of oysterman Thomas Lucas.

In 1865 the first lease-holder was Robert Perkins Campbell, son of Tinker Campbell. He took up leases under coffee and sugar regulations. Tinker Campbell set up a salt-works on Pininpinin Point, on southern tip of the island c1866 – now Cliff Terrace. He made no money, and possibly it was a front for a rum distillery. The Campbell family owned the whole island at this stage, and used South Sea Island (Kanaka) labour to build his enterprises.

Second Wave Resin workshop

On the Second Day we added another coat of Resin. We could choose to add one or two colors, preferably the same or similar to what was on yesterdays Art. The resin was mixed and poured on creating a second wave coming over the top of the original layer. Then white paint was added for the wave foam and also to highlight and define the second wave and blown into position using a heat gun.

I added another layer of Ultramarine and less of aqua pearl, and Chris helped drawing in the white for the foam. I felt it needed more definition so edged the second wave in white and was happy with the result. I had to blow the foam back into shape as it had frothed away. Everyone was happy with their results and everyone was different.

Macleay Island Jetty

Macleay Island is the second largest of the four Bay Islands, situated 30km from Brisbane in the Moreton Bay Marine Park at the southern end of Moreton Bay. It is 6.5km long and 4km wide at its widest point. Protected by North Stradbroke Island to the east, Macleay is connected to the mainland by ferries and barges, which also connect to inter-island transport for the four Bay Islands.

More than 3500 people are resident on Macleay, enjoying several beaches for swimming and fishing, as well as a bowls club, golf course and boat club. There is also an Arts Complex consisting of a studio, gallery and pottery shed.

The Early Years
Macleay Island
has a diverse and interesting history, both aboriginal and european. There seems to be some dispute as to the original aboriginal name, with claims for “Alcheringa” and “Jencoomercha”. Most maps use the former, whereas most council and government information refer to it as Jencoomercha. It was regarded as an aboriginal meeting place of spiritual importance, mainly for the women of the tribes. Later it was named Tim Shea’s Island after a convict who lived alone on the island for fourteen years.

Popular Picnic Spots 
Pat’s Park at Potts Point is a popular spot, with bbqs, swings, toilets and a swimming enclosure. Dalpura Beach, located on the western side of the island, is the perfect place to relax on the beach, have a family bbq or go swimming. There is also a boat ramp for recreational boats. This is the best place to check out our beautiful sunsets!

Resin Workshop

End of Day 1 Session…first pour and dry 12 hours

I have always wanted to try resin painting, so when I saw the advertised workshop, I applied immediately. We were each given a base and after taping the under for protection, we painted two layers of undercoat in our chosen colors, in this case blue, aquamarine, green and yellow as a base for water, waves and sand. Then a layer of glue and sand was poured to create a shore

Next step was to prepare the resin… Resin and Hardener were mixed 1:1 for 3 minutes until well blended. Then a half cup of resin had powdered pigment added. I selected ultramarine, aquamarine and a pearly green color. This was mixed in with a wooden paddle and when the three colors were mixed, they were poured onto the base. We could blend and mix using our gloved fingers. Then white was added in thin lines of pigment and using a hot drier, the paint was ‘blown’ to create waves and splashes.

Clear resin was poured over the sand and the shells and when the white lines were added, the hot drier spread them into foam. My white blew into the aquamarine and lowered the intensity of the color. I redid it and this time it streaked, so its was not easy, but the effect was wonderful.

The finished product then had to dry for 12 hours, overnight, and tomorrow we will add the second wave to create depth and do the second pouring of the resin and finish the work.

Christmas Carols Russell Island

Aussie 12 Days of Christmas

Russell Island Safety Church Christmas Service was held at the Russell Island RSL on Tuesday 13 December. There was a full attendance. The service was led by Andrew resplendent in red, and Pastor Fred’s sermon, Christmas or Chaos, had us all thinking about the meaning of Christmas.

Music and the words of the carols was projected on a dark screen and all joined in the communal singing. It was a beautiful service full of Christmas Spirit, and followed by a barbecue with sausages, meat patties, potato salad, a mixed salad, beetroot and pineapple slices. A Christmas Gift package was presented to service members and I was thrilled with my package of a plum pudding, custard, apple drink, cookies, shortbread as well as pickled capsicums and gherkins and fruit juices…generously donated by the RSL, the IGA, private members and organized by the Safety Church. The gift bags were donated by MP Kim Richards.

Lord Mayors Christmas Concert

Lord Mayors Christmas Concert for Seniors

Every Year the Brisbane City Hall hosts a series of Christmas Concerts for Seniors..

The Lord Mayor’s Seniors Christmas Parties are an annual tradition inviting Brisbane seniors to celebrate the festive season at Brisbane City Hall. This year there will be thirteen shows held across five days. Enjoy some light refreshments before taking your seats for some quality entertainment. This much-loved event features a new line up every year with a range of entertainers performing traditional and contemporary Christmas songs.

Seniors were escorted to their tables by Volunteers and tea and coffee was served. Refreshments were served on individual plates…quiche, scone, spring roll, pastry, cake and plum pudding. The seniors enjoyed the snacks and chatted while waiting for the performance to begin. A quartet performed songs on stage and it was a festive scene.

Solo performances were followed by a Singalong where the audience were invited to join in or follow the songs on songbooks . It was really spectacular, the highlight being a Cook Island quartet with two hula dancers that really stole the show.

Macleay Island Church

Two Churches share the Building on MacLeay island


There are many places of worship on the island and even a marriage celebrant, should you suddenly pop that all important question.

Holy Advent Anglican Church Services are held every second Sunday at 10.15pm. Cnr Scott St and Michael St. For more information, contact Elaine on 3409 4246

Holy Spirit Catholic Church Mass is held at 8am every Sunday, Cnr Scott St and Michael St. Contact Father Jim Brown 3409 4814. Phone 0409 639 247

Macleay Island Community Church hold a Communion Service and Word every Sunday at 900am at the Macleay Island Community Centre. All are welcome. Phone Graeme on 0408 770 001

Marriage Celebrants
Clive Berrick 3409 1032
Diana Hassett – 0450 688 494
Fred Brogden – 3409 2238
Lynette Davidson – 3409 1196 – 3409 5078
Anne Dyer – Registered Celebrant – 0400 384 670

Golf Club Christmas Party

Macleay Island Golf Club Dinner

The Christmas Dinner at the Macleay Island Golf Club was fully attended by members and guests. I was a last minute invite as had walked to the club to see the tables set for dinner. I spoke with a member about joining the club and the facilities and found myself saying as I had no Christmas plans this year at all, maybe I should come to the dinner. I walked back home changed from shorts to my Christmas dress and the courtesy bus took me back to the club.

The Christmas Meal was provided by The Wild Goat, a Training program run by Running Wild, a youth Conservation Program who is currently running the Kitchen at the Golf Club. The entrée was prawns and spring rolls, and the Christmas dinner was Roast pork and Chicken with baked potato and pumpkin and Sliced ham and coleslaw. It was beautifully presented in the Bain Marie and guests served themselves. Dessert was Pavlova, fresh fruit and a slice of plum pudding. Delicious.

Finally it was time to go home and the Courtesy bus delivered me safely back to my own home, and waited until the lights came on which was appreciated. It was a wonderful evening and it was great to make new friends on the Island.

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