Noodle Maker at Yangquan

The noodle maker makes noodles on the street for sale at the street stall.

He is very skilled. A dough is formed by mixing flour with warm water. Then the dough is kneaded on a floured board, then rolled and twisted in the air by those able to do this, which further kneads the dough making it more pliable and soft.

When soft,  a small piece is broken off, and hand shredded, whilst being rolled in flour, to make the serving of noodles.

This is immediately put into boiling water and cooked in a few minutes.

Dough not being cooked immediately, is stored in serving portions in plastic bags in the fridge until required.

Marguerite Carstairs

    Movie Noodle Maker Yangquan


    Movie “Noodle MakerYangquan”, originally uploaded by Ladymaggic.The noodle maker makes the noodles for boiling and selling at a roadside stall in YangquanHe is very skilled at his task.

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