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Welcome to Lamb Island…in Moreton Bay. to visit Lamb Island you take a train from Roma Street Station in Brisbne to Cleveland Station, then Bus 250 to Redland Bay Marina, and a waterbus or ferry to Lamb Island. It will take you almost 2 hours to get there from Brisbane.


On lamb there is a population of 500 with about 200 actually living there. The rest live on the mainland and use their home on land as a holiday home or a weekender.  There is one shop at the jetty near the ferry terminal and there is a Recreation Club, which used to be the Bowls Club, and that is it. There is a Community Centre where some activities take place and an enclosed area by the Recreation Reserve where you can swim without being preyed on by sharks .

IMGP3134The Point at the opposite end of the jetty is a wonderful walk. It goes from there to the swimming pool..walk of about 10 minutes if you don’t stop to look at the mangroves or collect a cool rock. There are very few shells here, the cone shells I see here, are always covered with mud and quite unattractive to a collector, and the very small oyster shells are attached to muddy rocks, and visible only because the plovers and terns have recently eaten the oyster.


At low tide the waters recede and the Point is visible and walkable. When the tide is in, this area is all submerged and only accessible by boat or a small canoe. The tide ranges and when it is very low you can almost walk across to the other island, if you want to wade through slippery, clinging mud.


Mangroves live on the Point and around the island. they are very prolific in this area, as is the Sea Grass that feeds many dugong and other sealife. The Mangroves have been here for many years and are old and gnarled and twisted in some very beautiful shapes.

IMGP3561 IMGP3559 IMGP3559 IMGP3552 IMGP3558 IMGP3557

When the tide is in the mangroves live in the water where they are adapted to get nutrients from the salt water.

High tide Mangroves


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