Scarlet Gypsy Band

Scarlet Gypsy Band…Brisbane Jazz Club

Scarlet Gypsy Band. Sunday, 28 February 2021. Scarlet Gypsy featuring Carole Marco
Gypsy Jazz / Manouche / Swing / Vocal Jazz

Gypsy Band featuring soloist Carole Marco, played at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Sunday afternoon. I was the first to arrive there as I was keen to get a table, as was told it was booked out when I made the booking and I was placed on a waiting list and told to be there at 2.15. To my great disappointment I was seated outside in the hot sun at a one perch table and it was hot and uncomfortable. I saw the band at a table with an umbrella, so went and sat with them and chatted with them. They were friendly and great fun and I looked forward to hearing the music. When I expressed my dismay at being outside in the hot sun alone, the band told me to come inside and ‘hang around the Bar’ and take photos and listen to the Music. There was Eddie from Brazil, Nikki from Italy, John from Australia and Oberta from Italy….and Carole who I did not meet.

Inside was dimly lit and photos were not easy. I stood by the bar and took photos. The band is versatile and amazing. They are so alive and full of energy. Carole, the main singer was beautiful. She has personality and charm and fitted the whole scene perfectly. They played for 2 hours without a break and the audience just sat there in that dim room with so little interaction.

Outside there were a few tables located under a small television screen that I only saw later in the afternoon, when the lady at the table I had moved to to be next to a friend, told me to be quiet as she was listening to the music. I am afraid I am slightly deaf and could not hear any music outside at all. I also wondered about the couple I saw where the man was obviously blind. Sitting outside was not successful at all. Most of the attendees were in the Senior age group and even older than I was.

After the break, they open up the blinds and that lets light into the Club as well as making some music outside. Again, the lady sitting at my table told me to be quiet and as I could hardly hear the music, I decided to leave. As I was walking out I saw an empty table opposite the band and sat there to take some photos….It was great seeing the river outside behind the band and I was really enjoying the music, and tapping my feet away when one of the ancient waitresses came and told me to go as someone was going to sit at the table….in the next session as it was now well after 5pm.

The last photo I took before I got told to leave the table…

I was disappointed….and muttering away that my photos are free publicity and should be appreciated, I left. I did purchase a two year membership, so I may give them another chance but I will never sit outside again. It was hopeless and a total waste of time as you can’t hear the music, you can’t see anything and you cannot talk to people and socialize either. The band was great and I wonder where I can hear them again.

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