Roma Street Parklands

Roma Street Entrance to the Gardens

Roma Street Parklands is a delightfully designed garden in the heart of the city with meandering paths that walk you across green grass and picnic areas, through bamboos, around a central lake and fountain with spraying water blown by the breezes, through a floral propaganda that changes monthly and finally brings you back to the café and the entrance/exit

There are very friendly water dragons that are happy to pose for a photograph. Over 600 live in the gardens.

The Eastern Water Dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) is about half a metre long with rough scales, sharp spines and ancient features that resemble fairy-tale dragons. They are grey-brown in colour with black banding, and some have a red belly and chest. Usually a broad black band extends through the eye. A crest of spines runs from the head to the tail. Water dragons are different from all other lizards – they have four well-developed limbs, each with five claws, and a tail that is longer than the body. Males are larger than females, sometimes reaching 80 cm in length. They are cold blooded, so love to lie in the sun on rocks.

The Spectacle Gardens were renamed Colin Campbell Place in commemoration of Colin Campbell who worked in the horticultural industry. A memorial plaque has also been placed in the gardens. Colin Campbell lobbied two state governments to have the disused railway yards transformed into a world-class garden.

Campbell shared his gardening expertise on television, radio and in print for almost 30 years, including as a presenter on ‘Gardening Australia’, radio talkback shows and through newspaper columns, making him a well-known personality throughout Australia

The gardens can be assessed from the end of Roma Street Station, Platform 10, or from Albert street and under the tunnel in Roma Street. I walked there and it is a steep climb and a long walk, when I was dragging a suitcase along too and did not have a hat for the sunny day. You ca take an escalator or lift to the gardens from the Bus station below There is a taxi stand here as well.

The café is set in a glorious setting, rich with hanging plants and outdoor tables and table service is available.

From here you start the walk. Maps are available from the Information Centre at the top of the first path…I walked down past the picnic areas and the lake and ended up at the information centre, but it is better to climb the first pathway which leads you to the Colin Campbell Garden which is the most spectacular. Here you can collect a map and also buy potted cuttings and chat with the Information staff. There is a free scenic train ride, Mondays 10-12 and a free guided walk at 11am and 1pm daily

Mangroves Australia

Russell Island Ooncooncoon Bay at Low tide

Moreton Bay Marine Park protects a vast array of marine habitats, plants and animals. Covering more than 3400km2of open and sheltered waterways and dotted with islands, Moreton Bay Marine Park includes some of Australia’s premier wetlands. Extensive mangroves and tidal flats support and shelter fish, birds and other wildlife. Sandflats provide roosting sites for migratory birds and seagrass beds nurture fish, shellfish, dugong and turtles.

Moreton Bay Wetlands

In 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar, representatives from 18 nations signed the Convention on Wetlands of International Significance (known as the Ramsar Convention) to stop global loss of wetlands, and to conserve and sustainably manage remaining wetlands. Moreton Bay is one of Australia’s largest sites listed under the Ramsar Convention.

The wetlands of Moreton Bay are extremely varied and range from perched freshwater lakes and sedge swamps on the offshore islands…

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