Sandy Beach Russell Island

Sandy Beach is at the far end of Russell Island and opposite is Stradbroke Island. It has some grass areas, a Lions Club Parking and Camping area with toilets, and a cold shower outside where the taps are.

Sandy Beach Russell Island

Today the Corona virus restrictions in Queensland were lessened and locals were able to drive within a 50 km area, easy on Russell Island which is 12 kms top to toe…so a few headed down to Sandy Beach where kids could play in the sand or paddle in the water and dogs could have a run. As it was one of the lowest tides of the year, there was only half the water there, and the birds were edging the waterline and there was lots of sand on view.

There were a few boats in the water. A small motor boat went around and around by the markers, and a Jet ski was following it. A house boat and a yacht was there too, and a dinghy on the sand meant that the owners were on land maybe shopping or with friends. A couple of families with kids left with their dog, and another was enjoying playing in the sand. It was a quiet but active beach today, Usually only a dog walker or two, and a vehicle driving down and out again, possibly charging up the engine. Nobody stayed very long, it was have a quick walk and away we go.

The exposed rocks were thickly encrusted with open oyster shells far too numerous to count. Oyster catchers would have feasted on them when the tide first started to ebb. A man asked me if the oysters were edible, and I had to say no, because of the boats and contamination from water craft. There were oyster farms here, along the edge from where Jackson Road ends at the Football Ground, but all that is now long gone. I have seen the off fisherman here but at low tide, there is not enough water.

It used to have a sailing club, now defunct, but the Barbecues and playgrounds are still there. Used to be popular for a drink and barbecue on a Friday evening or Sundays after the sailing club met on the sands. You can still take a picnic and sit on the tables and cook on the free barbecues. Its a great spot for Children and the beach is safe and peaceful. Today there were no midges or mosquitoes…and it was a beautiful day and a beautiful place to relax in, Someone had left a toy animal on a rock.. and Lindy smiled for me from the mangroves which were now exposed and not under water.