The Carnival of Flowers takes place annually in Toowoomba

This year was the 50th Anniversary of Flowers.

50th Anniversary of Carnival of Flowers Toowoomba

We went on a tour to the Flowers at Queens Park.…. Queens Park has retained the charm and character common to 19th century public parks and botanic gardens, putting on a special show for her visitors during Carnival.  Spread across 25 hectares, Queens Park is something to behold, with bright flower beds, large canopies of stately trees and acres of expansive green lawns

I particularly loved the Pansies that were featured here in many colors and shapes and sizes.

There was a viewing platform this year to see the main display around the Monument.

Queens Park Gardens

The Maze has always fascinated me and this year it had the theme of gold and green. There were always people viewing the maze. It was beautiful this year in its simplicity and attention to detail.