Story Bridge Brisbane

The view of Story Bridge from the Hotel I was staying in… The Story Bridge is a heritage-listed steel cantilever bridge spanning the Brisbane River that carries vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the northern and the southern suburbs of BrisbaneQueensland, Australia. It is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia.

You can now walk up to the Bridge and along the buildings which are now restaurants, bars and a Brewery. There are seats you can sit and view Brisbane over the bridge and the water. It is very beautiful now and fully operational. There is also a full time security guard who watches over the area

The bridge carries an average of 97,000 vehicles each day.  The Story Bridge carries three lanes of traffic in either direction as well as a shared pedestrian and cycle way flanking each side. The road on the bridge is called the Bradfield Highway. 

The Story Bridge features prominently in the annual Riverfire display and is illuminated at night. In 1990 road traffic was halted so pedestrians could celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bridge’s construction. The bridge was again closed to road traffic on 5 July 2015 to celebrate the 75th anniversary. The celebration attracted almost 75,000 visitors to the bridge who enjoyed food, drink and entertainment as they walked across lanes usually reserved for vehicles.

Bridge climbs began in 2005 and have become a popular tourist attraction

The bridge was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992.

In 2009 as part of the Q150 celebrations, the Story Bridge was announced as one of the Q150 Icons of Queensland for its role as a “structure and engineering feat”.

Similar to many large bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Brisbane’s Story Bridge has become notorious as a suicide hotspot.  Following two high-profile murder-suicides from the bridge in 2011 and 2012, Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announced plans to install free telephones linked to suicide prevention hotlines. On 6 February 2013, Quirk announced plans to install a three-metre-high safety barrier. Overall the plan cost about $8.4 million and was completed in December 2015