From Woolli I drove back to Redland Bay in one drive trying to get the 4.45pm vehicle ferry back to Russell island. I left Woolli at 10 am, slowly crawled along past roadworks from Grafton to Ballina, rang and learnt there was one ferry available, and decided to go for it. I made it with 15 minutes to spare.

sunsets over the water

The bonus was the evening sunset which started just as the ferry left Redland Bay Marina. It was a strange sunset. There was no color. The water was calm and still and the visibility was not good for photos. I kept checking the camera but could not get color into the photos. They were almost washed out by the eerie light this evening.

The ferry stopped at Lamb Island and two cars left the ferry. The colors were totally washed out, pale and with a pastel undertone almost as if it was without any pigment. A strange sunset over the water.

When we reached Russell Island, a passenger ferry was dis barking passengers and they walked along the jetty back to their waiting vehicles and transport. The jetty was all lit up in the fading sunset light and the oncoming evening. The Ferry stops, unloads its last passengers and returns back to Redland Bay or its evening resting place.