Russell Island has amazing sunrises. I stand on the back verandah, usually surrounded by birds waiting to be fed, watching the sunrise every morning, and each morning it is different. Sometimes just a red sky, sometimes clouds in different shapes and different colors too. Today the clouds are flat across the horizon and streaking ther sky.

While I was watching the sunrise colors, I noticed a mist starting to form. As the sun rose and warmed the earth, a mist collected and lay close to the ground,

Then the mist dissipated and just vanished and the sunrise continued as usual. I have never seen a mist like this before, as always the sunrise came into its own being, the colors fading the higher the sun rose and then there was day

Another beautiful day in Paradise…When the sunrise is over, its like the closing of a door, or the opening of the next scene of a live on-stage play. The day continues


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