Camping at a Whitsunday National Park

Camping in Whitsunday Islands National Park

Whitsunday Islands National Park is a campers' paradise. Photo: J Heitman.

Whitsunday Islands National Park is a campers’ paradise. Photo: J Heitman.

Secluded beaches, fringing coral reefs and distinctive hoop pines complete the spectacular island picture. Camp among dry rainforest, grasses or above dense coral rubble that makes up the shore.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

There are numerous National Parks and camping areas but the catch is, you need a boat to get to them all. I was thus unable to camp at any of these glorious camping spots.

Curlew Beach, Hook Island

Curlew Beach camping area. Photo: Queensland Government.

Curlew Beach camping area. Photo: Queensland Government.

Camping area features: A sandy beach backed with rainforest and a small seasonal creek.

Location: Macona Inlet, Hook Island; approximately 17km north-east of Airlie Beach.

Access: The camping area can be reached by boat (only) during mid to high tide by shallow craft only.

Number of sites: Open area without separately defined sites. Maximum of 12 people.

Camp sites are suitable for: walk-in camping.

Camp site surface: Sand and dirt.

Facilities: Composting toilet, picnic tables.

There are plenty of caravan parks at the Whitsundays, and prices range from $30 upwards. The caravan Parks are located near the water and are great places to stay at.

White beaches of the Whitsunday Islands…

I stayed at a caravan park out of Airlie Beach….

Mountain Valley Caravan Park is a little oasis offering peace, tranquillity, palm trees, and green grass. The park is located just off the main road but in beautifully landscaped gardens set back by tall trees to provide a natural quiet setting that offers a good standard of accomodation and facilities. 

There’s plenty of shade and cool breezes, a pool and free barbecue is available to all guests. We’re located only a kilometre from the beach, shopping centre, gym, restaurants, and hotel so you’re within walking distance to a cafe, bar or a choice of restaurants.

Looks like you have company when camping….

I checked the web for free camping but really there was nothing…

There are some camping on properties, and places I could\n’t get to without a 4 Wheel Drive, so I drove on to Mackay and stayed at The Leap Hotel which has free camping..