Leap Hotel. with Statue of Kowaha

Travelling north of Mackay along the Bruce Highway you will come to the township of The Leap. This site holds a past of great tragedy and significance in the history of this region.

Discover the legend of The Leap “A legendary and powerful woman named Kowaha from a local native tribe; committed the ultimate sacrifice in 1867. As a result of this event, the Mt Mandarana Cliff and Valley became known as The Leap.”

The Hotel now stands as a reminder of this history and the legend of Kowaha. Visit the hotel and be captivated by the memorabilia and history of this region at the mini-museum. Visit the large monument depicting the historic event.

Overnight camping is available.


Leap Hotel Bar and Restaurant

I camped overnight at The Leap Hotel Gardens. Beside the hotel, to the left is an area for campers who are self sufficient. There are toilets and at night the male toilets are left open for the campers. Its a beautiful spot. You are expected to have a meal in return for the camping, and the food is well cooked and delicious and priced reasonably so that is OK.

There is a walk on the right that goes up to the mountain. I walked part of the track in the morning but it was cloudy and not a good sunrise. There is a circular sports field for fit people to run around, and around is very green and beautiful.