Winter Solstice Sunset

Was meeting a friend and realised I was at Mark Road and the sunset was magnificent. I couldn’t find the street I was looking for, and was driving around and around getting more frantic as the sunset was dwindling away before my driving eyes. In the end, I just stopped the van and got out and ran from one spot to the other and took these photos.

The sun was closing down and I took a few more, got back in the vehicle waving to a past neighbour and watched two others, who knew my vehicle, also watching to see exactly what I was doing. Its been over 2 years since I came here. I have learnt that it takes two years for me to overcome a hurt…the last chef job and the last home I had….both hurt me so much to leave. Bad things happen in threes, and I thought about the third thing that almost broke my heart and that was a friendship. I wonder how long it will take me to forgive the neighbor who put Round Up in my garden when I was away.

The last of the sunset

The sunset represent the ending of the day. It is also therefore the beginning of the night. As the cycle goes so does our life. I remember almost all the sunsets I have even seen, and each one has a memory. One can never see a sunset and not feel something. Sunsets are there to be viewed with someone and the most memorable have people attached to them, like the sunset on Cylinder Beach that I was taken to view along with Champagne and nibbles and the sunset at Waikiki Beach with that glorious group of people and Alvin. But then there are also sunsets I have viewed alone that have filled me with joy and awe at the beauty of nature. I remember the sunsets here on the island down by Ooncooncoon Bay from the little spot I can walk to and also the one on Canaipa Passage on the other side. These are all special memories and sunset has the power to not only bring memories, but also to create them.