Mist across the road

There is something about a misty, moisty morning.

Its now mid June and supposedly winter but since sometime last winter Queensland has had some very hot weather with sunny days and bright moonlit nights and vert few misty mornings. In fact the misty mornings have vagely appeared after rain all night and they have been dull mornings followed by cloudy and dull days. What we are having now are misty mornings followed by glorious hot sunny summer days.

Mist covers the hill

When I wake up I open the front windows to let in the sun to warm the house in winter. In summer I keep the curtains drawn. This morning, the world was white with mist out the front. I went to the back verandah from where I enjoy the subrise, and the world was white there too. There were no birds to welcome the day. All the birds were still snug in their nests waiting for the sun to wake them. Not even one kookaburra laughed at the day as it began.

Misty Morning

When I walk downstairs to empty the tea leaves into the banana tree, I walk over wet grass. Every morning, because of the shadow of the house, the southern side is always wet with dew, and stays wet until the sun rises enough to let the sun into the back yard. In winter because the sun is setting more NE the back yard stays wet longer. I walk across to the Banana tree, then down the edge looking at what weeds have grown overnight as they seem to do, and down to the patch where the grapevine is trying to climb the rusting metal propped up fence that Merv created for the grapevine and now the pink climbing rose I brought back from Maryborough which is already growing new trembling leaves and settling in to its new home.

Across the road

The mist is at the back too, obliterating the line of water and Stradbroke Island. The trees stand stoically, sentinels and guardians of the land as they shelter and shade the damp grass below their canopies. It is now 7.30 am and if the sun is there it is very faintly shining as the sunlight has not as yet woken the shadows of the South.