Sunrise from the Jetty

To travel anywhere one must first get off the Island and you need to take the Vehicle Ferry to Redland Bay, the Mainland. I try to take the early morning ferry because I can see the sunrise, Now the days are shorter because its winter, the later ferry also meets the sunrise. You are expected to be queued up 15 minutes before the ferry loads, so while waiting, I walked across to the jetty to take some photos of the sunrise, and it was beautiful.

Low Tide and the mud reflects the sunrise
Stradbroke Island is ahead
The still calm waters reflect the sunrise on the Bay

The weather had been cloudy and dull, and the clouds reflected in the sunrise were almost ominous with its changing shapes and eerie overhangs. The scene was reminiscent of the old movies where the pirate ship lay hidden in the shallows waiting the next prey to advance into the morning gloom. In fact there was a pirate ship here last year when one lay berthed for a few weeks between filming. It is quite a sight when you are sitting in the ferry and your eyes slide to the window to see a black pirate ship in full motley sail silently gliding by.

Morning sunrise Moreton Bay