Russell island Jetty

I looked back and the barge was loading vehicles. I had to rush back and collect my van and drive it onto the barge to go to the Mainland. When I looked out of the window, there was the sunrise behind the Jetty.

The Barge will now travel to Lamb Island, then Macleay Island, Karragarra Island and finally Redland Bay where the vehicles will drive off and the Barge will reload for the return journey to the Islands. The Barge used to travel in a circle but now they only go as far as Russell island and return the same route. I watch the last of the Island before settling down to planning the next step of my journey. I am going to Maryborough.

It is not free to leave the Island. Ferry fares are $56 each way, making the trip $110 return fare. One of the barges has 4 levels and you can walk up the steps and sit upstairs for a better view and a relax. The others are old single level barges that pile vehicles on as close as possible to fit the maximum. In fact, I was the last vehicle on, and at Macleay they collected another vehicle. They moved all the cars closer together and the last car just fit in the space left and I wondered if they had ever lost a vehicle over the edge.