Over the little bridge to the Conveniences

Whenever I drive north of Brisbane, I always stop at Gympie. I usually overnight at Gympie on the way back as ts a pleasant distance from Brisbane and home for the last leg of the journey. I stay here or at the Six Mile Rest area on the other side of town. Both are geat places to overnight and both are easily located and accessed .

Chatsworth Rest Area is 6.5km North of Gympie, or 6.3km South of the Bruce Highway/Wide Bay Highway junction and is just off the Bruce highway via Vantage Road.  https://www.freerangecamping.com.au/directory/item/chatsworth-park-fc/

Geese on the Pond

When you drive or walk over the bridge at the end, you will come to the service area. Here is a brick convenience block with water, toilets and bins. Next is a children’s playground with a barbecue and picnic tables, and the pond which is rich in birdlife…geese, ducks, ibis, swans, It is a pleasant spot to stop and break a journey. The birds will come swimming to you as soon as you walk to the edge of the water. Please do not feed them bread…

The drive in is lined with beautiful trees and green grass. It is very beautiful at any time, from the misty mornings to the full sun days and the sunset evenings. I have camped here on many occasions and each time has been different. Today as it was early morning, it was deserted. Roadworks were taking place outside the entrance as they are widening the main road. There are areas to park your vehicles on the sides of the main road into the park, and in peak times, they are full of caravans and campers. Most people only overnight as the staying time is 20 hours. During the days, cars come in to use the facilities as I did.

Beautiful gardens and lake with ducks and birds.

There is a toilet and a tap..at the far end.

Its a very popular place and gets very busy

Has a childrens playground and picnic tables by the lake…

I created an album of the photos I rook there as there is no place to post photos here.. http://www.findacamp.com.au/camp-site.php?camp=1851