May Sunrises and Sunsets

First of May ..clouds and more clouds

Its been a month of changing weather. The first was rain and more rain, filling the dams and watering the garden. Then the amazing sunsets and sunrises….rich reds and golds and oranges all illuminated with amazing cloud formations.The sun is now setting in the NE not the East, and setting opposite…

When I take photos of the sunrise, I see only one other light on in the street. My neighbor is also an early bird and her light is always on when I wake up. None of the other houses are awake. So much beauty and drams happening in the skies, and it is all passed by.

When I see a sunrise, I am amazed that every day is different. Fingerprints are different for everybody and no two people have the same fingerprints. Are the sunrises and sunsets fingerprints of the world? Each one showing the story of the moment in time. If time stretches forever with every event recorded and projected in a never ending line, that time travelers can reach when they are able to, then I would just watch the sunrises and sunsets forever.