Brisbane Statues

Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane City Hall

There are a lot of statues at Brisbane City Hall. Two lions guard the City Hall, and the statues around tell their own story of events in brisbane. Brisbane City Hall, in BrisbaneQueensland, Australia, is the seat of the Brisbane City Council. It is located adjacent to King George Square, where the rectangular City Hall has its main entrance.[2] The City Hall also has frontages and entrances in both Ann Streetand Adelaide Street. The building is considered one of Brisbane’s finest[3] and was listed on the Register of the National Estate in 1978.

Petrie Tableau in George Street

The Petrie Tableau commemorates the early settlers of Brisbane and the pioneering spirit of the city. 

Andrew Petrie (1798 – 20 February 1872) was a builder, architect and Australian pioneer. Andrew Petrie and his family, the first free-settlers to move to the area, travelled to Dunwich aboard the James Watt and where then transferred in a pilot boat, manned by convicts that landed at King’s Jetty, the only landing place that then existed, now known as North Quay. His first important task was to repair the mechanism of the windmill which had never worked.

Speakers Corner: Emma Miller, Sire Charles Lilley, Steele Rudd

Speakers corner
Speakers Corner depicts three important figures in Queensland’s history – Emma Miller, Sir Charles Lilley and Steele Rudd. Emma Miller 1839-1917: Emma Miller fought for women’s rights and the rights of workers. After moving to Brisbane in 1879, Emma worked as a seamstress and later helped form the Tailoresses Union. Miller was the first female member of Brisbane’s Workers Political Organisation, which would later become the Labor Party. Emma worked hard as an advocate for women’s rights and, as the President of the Women’s Equal Franchise Association, was influential in securing women’s rights to vote.

Resilience Tableau Brisbane

This abstract work graphically describes the quest to be recognised as equal. It was installed in 2007 in recognition of the 100 year anniversary of women’s right to vote in Queensland.

Resilience is a sculpture located in BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia. It honours the efforts of Queensland’s men and women who worked to achieve women’s suffrage in the state.

The sculpture is located in Emma Miller Place, and was unveiled in 2007 to mark the first vote by women in an election in the State of Queensland in 1907, and the centenary of women’s suffrage in Queensland in 2005.[1][2] It was designed by Brazilian artist Cida de Aragon, in collaboration with Steffen Lehmann.[2]

Steele Rudd

Steele Rudd was the pseudonym of Arthur Hoey Davis (14 November 1868 – 11 October 1935) an Australian author, from Queensland best known for his novel On Our Selection.

In 2009 as part of the Q150 celebrations, the Steele Rudd was announced as one of the Q150 Icons of Queensland for his role as an “Influential Artists”

Emma Miller
Sir Charles Lilley

Sir Charles Lilley (27 August 1827 – 20 August 1897) was a Premier and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland. He had a significant influence on the form and spirit of state education in colonial Queensland which lasted well into the 20th century.

As I left King George Square on my way to King George Square Railway Station, I climbed down the steps to the road, and on my right was this statue of a man hanging down. It is interesting that I cannot find any reference to what it is called. It looks like an acrobat…I shall have to go back and find it and try to learn what it depicts.

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