A Teneriffe Morning

From the Ferry Jetty at Teneriffe is a walking track that goes to where the Teneriffe weekend Market is held. Walking the track in the morning beside the river are other people walking, jogging, bike riding and also rowing on the river. It is a hive of activity at sunrise.

The rowing club is active

Rowers are in the water training and rowing. Many bring their own canoes tied behind and on top of vehicles which are parked on the street and parking areas around the club and river. There is also a dog walking leash free area where pooches are free to walk and meet their friends and play ball

Right here beside West End Ferry is the Recreation Hub with a selection of basic outdoor gym exercise machines, adjacent to a public toilet and also drinking water fountains and a dish for the thirsty dog.

Exercise at the Outdoor Fitness Centre at West End

The West End Riverside Lands Park Outdoor Gym is located in West End Riverside Lands Park, West End, and can be accessed via Riverside Drive. This gym has exercise equipment in a hub designed for strength & cardio training.