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Try your hand at carving a wooden mask. With their calm, elegant features, these elongated faces are commonly seen adorning the insides of Tiki bars and classy rooms. Learn techniques for the creation of these art pieces from a master of the trade.

Get carving tips from a master, guiding you through every step of the creation process. These masks are made entirely from a single block of quality wood, and have traditionally been considered symbols of luck and prosperity.

Try butter tea and learn how to make a traditional dish with a twist. Discover how to make Thenduk, a hand pulled noodle soup, and follow your guide’s recipe, mixing time-honoured ingredients like vegetables and meat with various spices used in Nepali curries.

Every wondered how people at high altitudes in the Himalayas get the energy needed for labour-intensive work? The answer is in the diet. Learn how to make Thenduk, a staple among the Sherpa and Tibetan communities, with the guidance of your local instructor, Nima Sherpa, who has added her own twist to the recipe by adding various spices featured in Nepali curries.

Start by mixing the flour and chopping the vegetables and meat such as chicken or buffalo. Knead the dough, learn which spices your host adds to her Thenduk, and once all your ingredients are mixed together in a pot, boil the soup. Get a chance to try another Himalayan super food, butter tea. While butter and salted tea might not sound appetising to tea purists today, this drink dates back centuries.


Learn a variety of techniques for carving inscriptions into stone. Enter a comfortable workshop led by experienced stone masons, practising a few time-honoured methods for creating a detailed design, and in the process learning about Nepalese patterns and symbolism.

Much of what we know about ancient human history all over the world is thanks to inscriptions carved into stone. With a relative impervious to the passage of time, stone carvings can serve as vehicles for the preservation of ancient art and text for study in the modern era.

The actual practise of stone carving is easy to learn. Once the exclusive domain of imperial scribes and sages who read the stars, now this ancient craft is accessible enough to learn. Just like drawing, there are a few basic techniques that allow you to create a wide range of designs. Stone carving rewards those with an eye for fine details, requiring more precision than brute force.

stone carving.jpeg

Get closer to Nepalese culture and sample one of its most famous dishes as you learn how to prepare dal bhat. This legendary food combines steamed rice with curried lentils, a legendary food that packs tremendous flavour while providing all-day energy.

Arrive at the home of a local, and prepare to learn their secret recipe for dal bhat. Because nearly every Nepalese family cooks some form of this staple, you may find that flavours differ wildly across households. The trick is in the spices and their proportions.

The dish combines rice, a lentils soup, curried chicken, cauliflower with potato, and a special chutney concoction to fire up your taste buds. The lentils are cooked with a secret preparation method that you can bring home to improve your recipe. The chutney, a combination of roasted tomatoes, garlic, and coriander, makes the perfect finish to the dish.

Bal Dat

Nurture your spiritual self during this enlightening experience across the historic heart of Nepal – the Kathmandu Valley. Meet Hindu holy men within a sacred temple, visit with resident monks at a Buddhist stupa and join an esteemed astrologer in an attempt to chart out your own personal path.

After greeting your guide, board a local bus and head to one of the holiest Hindu temples in the world, Pashupatinath. Distinguished by its pagoda-style architecture, the exquisitely carved wooden rafters and copper-gold roofs are truly sights to marvel at. Stroll the grounds and interact with the saffron-clad, bearded sadhus, the Hindu holy men whom the temple is dedicated to.

Up next, travel to the largest Buddhist stupa in all of Nepal. Here, light a traditional butter lamp and offer prayers to Buddha as you watch devoted pilgrims spin wooden prayer wheels. For greater insight into the teachings of Buddhism, chat with any of the resident monks who are happy to answer your curious questions.

Continue on to a nearby rooftop restaurant and enjoy a tasty lunch with striking, widescreen views of the stupa below, before capping off your tour by sitting down with a famed local astrologer who offers you illuminating insight into your future.


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