Brisbane in July


I walked across the bridge to the Bus Station at South bank, from where you can take a bus to literally everywhere in the Brisbane area. This is the view looking down at Circular Quay from where the cats service the River. One has just left the Jetty.


The tallest building in Brisbane will be what is now known at Newman’s Folly, after the ex-mayor, ex Premier of Brisbane who started this as his own office and domain. It will now host public offices as well as real estate, and dominates the landscape from across the river, and also from the city streets.,_Brisbane

1 William Street is a topped out skyscraper in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is the tallest in the city at 259.8 metres. The modern style office building will be located in the Brisbane central business district in close proximity to Parliament House. The building is to be developed for the Queensland Government as part of the government’s plan for a renewed Government Administrative Precinct and to meet its accommodation demands.

Construction cost of the tower is expected to be $538 million, with a total development cost of over $650 million. It is to be completed in September 2016


The Treasury Building, now hosting the Brisbane Casino, has still to be one of the most prestigious and most beautiful buildings in Brisbane. With a very imposing facade, one feels the grandeur of the past even though it is now tightly enclosed by bus roads, walking tracks, restaurants and banks. The pillars, and verandah enclosures speak of past trysts and assignations and one wonders at what stories the walls could tell if they could speak.

The former Queensland Government Treasury Building is a heritage-listed public administration building located at 21 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is currently occupied by the Treasury Casino owned by Star Entertainment Group.,_Brisbane


I walked across the road and looked back at the Treasury Building, and across the road, the Treasury Hotel looks so small beside the grandeur of the Old Building.


The River skyline is now a mass of accommodation enjoying the best views one could have over the Beautiful Brisbane River. The Goodwill Bridge smiles in front of the Accommodation.  Brisbane is truly a very beautiful city.