The Gorge walk is the perfect place to see a sunrise, the best location being the East viewing over Frenchman’s Beach, but I was here at 5.30am when it was still dark.



The impressive headland walk called the North Gorge walk is located at the north western end of Point Lookout. The Walk is free and starts  where the bus stops opposite the shops.If you have trouble with steps, it is better to start the walk on the Easterly side and go down steps first and then simply take it easy as you do the walk.


The walk encompasses the best of both worlds, with its raw and jagged headland to one side, and natural bushland on the other. Known for its best viewing experience of migrating humpback whales, the Gorge Walk also has a unique rock formation called the ‘Blow Hole’, similar to that of a humpback whale. It was very windy when I walked down here as well as slippery, and the blowhole made loud snorting noises as the water blew through when the waves thrashed onto the rocks.

On the western side the beach stretches out for 28 km if you care to walk the sands.