28 km of Sandy Beach at Point Lookout

There is a path and steps that lead down at the end of the football oval at Point Lookout that leads down to the Surf Clubhouse. From there you walk down to the beach. You can walk 28 kms I was told along the sand.

There is a walk called The Lily walk that goes through the bushland to the sand, and also across to Saraminda drive where the BnB called BeachboysBnB  that I stayed at was located. The walk leads to the beach.

Because of the strong winds and the weather, there was a huge mountain of sand piled up at the entrance to the beach. Just below, the lifeguards had a stand with a ‘No Swimming’ flag, as this area has very strong undertows and currents which you feel even when you are walking in the water. Then you walk onto pristine golden sand and miles of just sand and water. When I walked there it was low tide, and it was mostly sand and a good walk to the water.

On this day, the waves were golden as they came to the shore. I think the color was sand being washed and blown to the shore, from where the wind blew it when it dried to the edges. It was very windy, and I walked along the water looking at the golden waves

I walked down on another occasion to where the 4WD vehicles turned to the road. Vehicles were permitted to drive along the sand as far as this point, then they either turned around or turned left to land.

The water is beautiful here, so blue and so full of energy as the waves roar to the shore.

The isolation is complete, and once 3 seagulls standing apart from each other watching the waves, disdainfully glared at me as I broke their concentration as I walked past.