RSL Presidents Dinner Russell Island

The meal was held in the newly finished outdoor area which has now been enclosed and creates a fabulous Summer dining area complemented by a painted wall depicting the sands and landing of Gallipoli.

RSL President Anthony and wife KatrinaRon and Pauline

All members were wearing their medals.

Valuks  Submarine

Welcomed by the President

President  Peter Battle

DSCN0201Pastor Fred and MargariteDSCN0208DSCN0213

DSCN0209DSCN0215DSCN0225Mark Edwards

Father BrownDSCN0212DSCN0210DSCN0211KatrinaDSCN0248DSCN0239DSCN0238DSCN0245DSCN0240

Dinner was Filleted fish or Eye Fillet with vegetables followed by Sticky Date Pudding or profiteroles

I enjoyed the steak and the custard filled chocolate profiteroles with cream

Maggi Eye Fillet with gravy

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