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Queens Park was established in 1860 and many of its beautiful huge trees were planted before 1900.

Features of the Park are the fernery, waterfall and lily pond, lace-trimmed band rotunda built in 1890 and listed by the National Trust and the 13 centimetre Gauge Model Railway built by the Model Engineers and Live Steamers Association.

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Queens Park dates back to 1866, when Maryborough’s first Mayor Henry Palmer, requested that his residents have free use of land near the Maryborough wharves for recreation or for public gardens

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The magnificent Banyan Fig specimen (Ficus Benghalensus) is thought to have been planted as early as the 1870s and is one of the largest in Australia.



The Crows Ash (Flindersia Australis) is the oldest tree in the park and was growing before European settlement of the area in 1847. It has a hive full of honey…


HERITAGE-LISTED Queens Park is one of Australia’s earliest botanic gardens and is an important part of Maryborough’s distinctive character.

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The Park is a cool retreat with a waterfall, flowers, shrubs and trees, it is situated within an easy stroll of the City Hall and overlooks the Mary River.

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On the last Sunday each month the Association meet in Queens Park to relive the steam age in the chug of engines, the glow of brass and coal fires and the cheery sound of the whistle. Also to be heard and seen are Maryborough’s Brass Bands playing in the rotunda.

The ornate band rotunda was presented to the city as part of a bequest and was imported from Scotland in 1890

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Believe it or not, the cannons in the park link back to a time when Australia feared an attack by Russia. The guns were presented to the city as a gift from the Royal Australian Navy and installed in 1914. One of the guns, a Nordenfeldt, was part of the armaments of the naval vessel the Gayundah, which visited Maryborough on many occasions during the 1880s in response to the Russian scare

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