Summer Solstice 22 December 2014 and Low Tide and High Tide Canaipa Point Russell Island

The summer solstice occurs once a year in December when the Sun’s track across the Australian sky reaches its highest point. It is the day that has the most daylight hours of any in the year. The summer solstice usually occurs on 21 December, but can occur between 20 and 22 December.

An interesting idiosyncrasy relating to the summer solstice is that it does not feature the day with the earliest sunrise and latest sunset as is commonly expected.

Because the path of the Earth around the Sun is an ellipse, not a circle, and because the Earth is off-centre on its axis, these combined phenomena can create up to several minutes difference between solar and mean time. Around the date of summer solstice, these effects make the Sun appear to move slightly slower than expected when measured by a watch or clock. As a result, the earliest sunrise occurs before the date of the summer solstice, and the latest sunset happens after the summer solstice.


Russell island   Lat=-19°18'00"  Long=+147°24'00"
(for ideal horizon & meteorological conditions)
Time zone: +10.00 hours
22/12/2014  Sun Rise 0530  Sun Set 1848
Tides                 Low 3:54am 0.2 m
                              High 10:12am 2.6 m
                          Low 5:01pm 0.4 m
                         High 10:18pm 2 m

solstice 2