Picnic Point Toowoomba Flower Show


Picnic Point is one of the most popular recreation sites in Toowoomba, for both the city’s residents and the thousands of visitors who come each year to savour the beauty of the Garden City.Situated on a scenic peak of the Great Dividing Range.

It was our second location. We were greeted with these three fabulous floral displays

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Picnic Point is one of Toowoomba’s oldest recreation areas. Its origins can be traced to 1902 when Toowoomba City Council purchased six acres (2.42ha) of land for 120 pounds ($240). From those early days, citizens of the developing city took pleasure in visiting Picnic Point for the area’s natural beauty.

Over the years additional land was acquired, with the park now totaling 65 hectares. The stylish restaurant and café complex which overlooks the valley below

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Below was a relaxing area where musicians played in the Pergola. Colourful garden beds, maintained by Toowoomba City Council’s Parks and Recreation staff, make a charming backdrop to the open areas in the formal section of the park and are a great attraction for garden lovers.

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The view from the lookout at the top of the park takes in the valley, with Tabletop Mountain prominently in the foreground.

Resembling a table due to its flat top and steep sides, Tabletop is thought to have been an important ceremonial site for aboriginal people, and a perfectly straight aboriginal-built pathway edged with stones can still be seen on the flat, treeless summit.

Picnic Point Toowoomba

Toowoomba Ice Cream Bar created a special ice-cream for the Flower Festival….violet flavoured topped with wattle sauce

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