Southbank of the of Southbank 1992, 1988, 1984 and 1968

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Images of Southbank before Expo. Expo 88 occupied a 40 hectare site on the river.  A lot of land was resumed for the event and the site was cleared of all but a few buildings in late 1985.  Today, this area is known as South Bank.

Existing buildings which were saved included The Ship Inn, The Plough Inn, South Brisbane Library and Collins Place Grey Street, and the All Gas (formerly South Brisbane Gas Company) Building opposite the Plough Inn.

Many of the demolished structures were unsightly and rundown.  In 1982 Council had created a small park called Clem Jones Gardens in the area now occupied by ABC in an attempt to create some much needed recreational space in the area.|||1|||1|||true


The Floods at Southbank 1988

The 1893 Brisbane flood, occasionally referred to as the Great Flood of 1893 or the Black February flood, occurred when the Brisbane River burst its banks on three occasions in February 1893. It was the occurrence of three major floods in the same month that saw the period named “Black February”. There was also a fourth flood event later in the same year in June. The river runs through the centre of Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland,with much of the population living in areas beside the river




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