Victoria Point Fish and Chips

Victoria Point A small shopping complex with a great range of shops and services.
Vic Point
Victoria Point is a pleasant drive, or simply take the train to Cleveland Station, and hop on Bus 250 to Victoria Point. Have a look at the Marina next to the Cleveland Railway Station…Its a pretty walk along the Marina looking at the watercraft and then the restaurants lining the Marina

Cleveland Marina

While waiting for the bus, which comes every 30 minutes, wander across to the Cleveland Marina and enjoy a walk past the restaurants on the Marina, view the luxury craft at the Marina, visit the Information Centre for excellent information on the Area, including special deals for accommodation, and have a coffee and cake at Hogs Breath Café located right on the waterfront
Address: 152 Shore St W, Cleveland QLD 4163
Phone:(07) 3286 9022

Hogs Breath Cafe

Catch Bus 250 outside the station, or continue on to Victoria Point. Here you can choose to wander the shops in the centre which include Kmart, Woolworth s, Rockmans, Millers, Reject Shop, a food area with mixed restaurants, and further on Dick Smith, Subway and an excellent News Agent and Homeware shop that I can never walk past, which always entices me with some special bargain. Last time I walked past there I came home with an electric jug that is clear and lights up blue when on, ‘Kitsch’ said my neighbor with a grin, but I love it, and the white fluffy soft sheep I also brought home with me.

Victoria Point

As you walk out of the Bus Station you come to a crossing opposite the bank ATM’s and there is ‘Fish 489″. It was called ‘Kiss My Fish’…..I have no idea why the name changed but it has. It was a unique and catchy name too…and one that was well known too.

Fish 489 Kiss My Fish

Fish 489 Kiss My Fish

The Menu is excellent. I was not feeling very hungry, and the assistant suggested the children’s meal and to my delight I was given a generous helping of well-cooked tasty fish and chips. She said there were other alternatives too like calamari. I saw the generous meals the others were having and noted that for next time…

Fish Lunch Fish 489 Kiss My Fish

The restaurant is on the roadside…two sections and you can choose to sit facing the people walking past and enjoy a bottle of fresh cooled water with your meal.

Fish 489 Kiss My Fish


Fish 489 Kiss My Fish
After a delicious meal, wander across to the other side of the main road where Mcdonalds is located, and visit Bunnings for their huge range of plants and garden supplies. I left Bunnings with a pretty pink azalea and a pink rose.

Before you leave, you may like to visit the Greengrocer who has a fabulous selection of fresh vegetables and fruit and also dried seeds and whatever you require far cheaper than the Supermarkets and excellent quality with daily specials. I bought a bag of huge oranges that were juicy, tasty and delicious and fresh herbs. My friend loaded up a whole shopping trolley with fresh produce.

You can also fill up with Woolworths Petrol on the corner.

And visit the Victoria Point Tavern for a drink and a play on the poker machines.

Address: Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd, Victoria Point QLD 4165
Phone:(07) 3207 8055
• Dining – Bistro, proudly supported by Graziers Beef.
• Functions – Corporate, social
• Kids – Playground, Playstations etc.
• Entertainment – Live music, karaoke
• TAB open from 9.30am until last race daily
• Bottleshop – BWS & Dan Murphys drivethrough

Finally Drive down to the waterside….passing the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club where you can relax with a drink
Address: 325 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point QLD 4165
Phone:(07) 3207 7865

Victoria Point has a long grassy walking track and a marina and picnic areas where you can relax, jog or simply play. You can take a bus that comes every hour from the Bus station to the marina and back which is what I did…

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