Camping on Russell Island…at Sandy Bay

Do you know that Russell Island seems to have the only free Camping Area close to Brisbane?

DSCN7596There is a Lions Park adjacent to the Boat Ramp, and here there are toilets, shelter and free barbecue facilities.

The camping area was originally specified  for canoes and boats, the vision being that  groups of canoeists will sail in, camp for the night and then sail off into the sunrise. Not very realistic, as the area is rich with midges and mosquitoes and any canoeist would be unlikely to be carrying insect coils, insect screens and all the necessary items to happily camp under the blue skies. However, anyone with a camper-van or camping trailer who can close the doors and admire the sunset from within, would find this a beautiful spot and location.


DSCN7639 When the tide is in, you can walk across here and swim in the sandy areas, as well as walk over the mangroves along the shore.

Be careful however to camp above the waterline. Some keen campers put up a tent and in the morning found themselves under water.DSCN7600The road leading to the beach is quite steep…




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Clyde & Charmaine Camel

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