Changing tides at Russell Island…time of the New Moon

Today’s Tide Table….4 May 2014

Next HIGH TIDE in Russell Island is at 3:36 AM, which is in 19 hr 25 min 53 s from now.

Next LOW TIDE in Russell Island is at 12:16 PM, which is in 4 hr 05 min 53 s from now.

The local time in Russell Island is 8:10:07 AM. See the detailed Russell Island tide chart and tide table below.

IMG_3115When the tide is in..high tide, the bay fills with water right to the bottom of my garden


Russell Island, Australia tide times for the next 7 days

Then when it is low tide, the waters recede. This week the tides have been very low.

In fact the tides have been extremely low as I can now see islands of mud at low tide.



Last night the moon was just a sliver of silver… the sunset sky



The waters are not deep as you can see by the egret walking below at high tide.

Marguerite CarstairsAt low tide, the spoonbills love to walk in the mud searching for their next feed.