Bedford Weir Blackwater

Wonderful serene camping place with all facilities at the Weir. Beautiful camping area with birds, shady trees and quiet….There is water available from the Weir…and its truly a beautiful place to stay a few days….

IMG_0837The Bedford Weir is a man-made impoundment on the Mackenzie River, situated 25 kilometers north of Blackwater. The area is suitable for overnight stays and water, toilets and showers are available free of charge. Wood fired barbecues and a children’s playground are set in shaded areas by the river, making it an ideal picnic spot.

The area is popular destination for boating, skiing and fishing and has been stocked with sports fish, including Barramundi and Saratoga

IMG_0839 IMG_0841 IMG_0843 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0859 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0878 IMG_0879Currently the Weir is full of water with water coming from the rains in the west.

There is great fishing here….and a water ski and Boating club