Drive to Windorah from Bedourie

I left at midday with George, who was driving machinery at the new subdivion at Bedourie, to overnight at Windorah and experience the trip overland. It was all desert..sand, scrub, the occasional rock..flat, dusty and dry.

DSCN7115DSCN7054Colors changed to reds and the occasional mound of sand

DSCN7056Sometimes there was a tree… is very dry and very sparse in vegetation.

DSCN7057There were rocks…and a dried river bed….

DSCN7063We are now about 140 kms from Bedourie..and at the first station. The signposts show Cattle Stations not towns. The whole journey of 368 kms had 2 stations only

DSCN7065A public toilet in the middle of no-where…we stopped here for a stretch…the toilet is self sufficiency…and was clean and airy.

DSCN7067George and the vehicle I was driving in. You can see the desert is all flat, dry  and colorless

DSCN7083Red sandhills in the distance break the monotony with a splash of color..

DSCN7137DSCN7155The famous Red Sandhill about 40 kms from Windorah. We did not have time to stop and look as George had another 900 kms to drive to his home.

DSCN7161Yes..when the rains come, this whole area will be flooded. Right now one cannot imagine it even raining here. This is the next Cattle Station and the holding yard was full of cattle.

DSCN7163Cattle cross the road. Just previous to this a cow wandered forlornly looking at her calf recently dead on the road.

DSCN7164We have arrived at Windorah and George left me at the hotel where I was to stay the night.