Kuranda Rail from Freshwater Creek Station to Kuranda

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a scenic cableway running above the Barron Gorge National Park from the Cairns suburb of Caravonica to Kuranda, Queensland. The development of Skyrail was controversial as some local residents believed that damage may be done to World Heritage listed rainforest. Following seven years of planning and approvals, and 14 months of construction, Skyrail opened to the public in August 1995.



Spanning 7.5 km over Barron Gorge National Park, the Skyrail experience includes a scenic cableway ride and stops at two rainforest mid-stations. Here, guests alight from the cableway onto rainforest boardwalks, where interpretive information is provided through guided boardwalk tours, signage and an interpretive centre.

Skyrail may be experienced either as a one-way (in either direction) or return journey. A one-way experience takes approximately 1.5 hours, while a return experience takes approximately 2.5 hours.[1] Skyrail offers packages where visitors can return from Kuranda via the Kuranda Scenic Railway or also visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal and Cultural Park, located next door to the Caravonica base station


DSCN5348 DSCN5352 DSCN5354 DSCN5357 DSCN5365 DSCN5374 DSCN5377 DSCN5384 DSCN5402 DSCN5405I chose to travel by rail from Freshwater Station to Kuranda and then return to Caravonica by Skyrail…and a bus back to Cairns.

The  Skyrail stopped at 3 stations and there is a short circular walk at each station which is sufficient to see what is there and return to the skyrail.

Each stop was spectacular in its own way and totally different. I loved the Barron Falls and also the overhead plant life at Caravonica….

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