Mossman Gorge Queensland

Red Creek Bridge

river 2I took a bus from Port Douglas to Mossman which costs $26, collected me at 11.45 and returned me at 2.30…sufficient time to do the full walk and the circuit of the Gorge, have a quick meal and a look at the tourist shop.

There is a Hotel at Mossman called ‘The White Cockatoo’ which the driver pointed out was optional dress code and that if you stay there you are guaranteed to see a white cockatoo…I thought that was funny, and no, I did not walk in to see what the residents were wearing.

Maggi at GorgeThe tourist bus took us to the Centre which is run by the indigenous, and a special bus took us to the gorge entrance. You walked over a bridge and then came to this waterhole where the brave were trying to swim. It was freezing mountain water.

Cold water

Mossman Gorge is part of the traditional lands of the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people.

Much of the Mossman Gorge section of Daintree National Park consists of the rugged, largely inaccessible slopes of the Main Coast Range, and Windsor and Carbine tablelands. It is these steep mountain ranges that trap moisture blown in from the ocean and ensure frequent rainfall, maintaining the rainforest and ultimately feeding the Mossman and Daintree rivers.

Forest Track

Tall, dense rainforests cover the lowlands and stunted, windswept montaine rainforests occupy the mountaintops. To the west of the Main Coast Range, open forest and woodlands grow on the drier, western slopes. The park provides a home for a wonderful variety of rainforest animals including tree-kangaroos, musky rat-kangaroos, Australian brush-turkeys and Boyd’s forest dragons.


Over millions of years, the Mossman River has carved a steep-sided valley from the upper reaches to the coastal lowlands. Through this valley, crystal-clear water cascades among large granite boulders which have been washed down from the hills during times of heavy flood.


Mossy Trees

The walk appeared to be longer than 45 minutes because of the isolation and the many steps up the mountain and then down and around surrounded by tall trees with dense tropical undergrowth highlighted with some names and information along the way.

Manjal PeakManjal Peak2It was a wonderful experience. The tracks were edged with local rocks and ferns and there were birds calling in the trees and it was cool and very spiritual.

trees2Circuit TrackRainforest details


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