Full Moon Over Russell Island Bay

picmoonset_scatter_coverAt 6am the moon was setting over the sea….this was the morning of the 23rd July 2013

Today its the 24th of July and the moon is still full. At 6am it was over the sea and reflected in the low tide waters of the Bay.

over the waterMoonMoon  ehind the treesDSCN3719The Full Moon in Aquarius on Tues 23 July falls just after the Sun has moved into the sign of Leo earlier that morning.  This is the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius, with the second Full Moon in Aquarius next month being a true Blue Moon.  (Some people define a Blue Moon as two Full Moons in a calendar month, but more accurately it is two Full Moons occurring in a zodiac sign.)  The Full Moon in Aquarius highlights the need to balance the needs of the individual with those of the collective, and is likely to bring new and experimental ideas into sharp focus.  The Full Moon is exact at 4.16am AEST.