Childers Queensland

25° 17′ 0″ S, 152° 17′ 0″ E

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Childers is a town in southern Queensland, Australia, situated at the junction of the Bruce and Isis Highways. The township lies 325 kilometres (202 mi) north of the state capital Brisbane and 52 kilometres (32 mi) south-west of Bundaberg. Childers is located within Bundaberg Region local government area. At the 2006 census, Childers had a population of 1,350.[1]


The township is set on a ridge overlooking fields of rich volcanic soil. Childers is renowned for its heritage character and is classified a National Trust town. The historic colonial buildings of the main street (Bruce Highway) are set amongst large, shady leopard trees. The sugar cane industry features prominently in Childers and has sustained the town over the years. Fruit and vegetable cropping is common on the lands around town. Tourism is a growing industry in Childers, with a number of the preserved historic buildings in town becoming tourist attractions

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I drove from Biggenden to Childers on a very beautiful highway, which continues onto Bundaberg.

First stop was the Caltex Service Station for petrol, then Woolworths for some food supplies. The roads are now being done, and it was quite a mess through town. I noticed that McDonalds is building a huge drive-through right there in the centre of town. Alas the modern building does not keep in trend with the other old buildings…and they call this progress.

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I drove through to Blacks Road end of Barretts Road…a very isolated and lonely area with bush and dirt road just up from the Isis River and in the middle of the roadworks. The house I went to has solar electricity, and no telstra…that surprised me as it was only 10 kms from the main highway. It was a very uninhabited area with sandy road edges and would be hard driving in wet weather.

I continued on the road, back home to Russell island stopping for Petrol at Matilda s Roadhouse a few kms past Gympie.