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From Dalby, drive 20 km west along the Moonie Highway then turn left into Broadwater Road. Drive a further 9 km to the picnic and camping area.

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Lake Broadwater is an important wetland in inland Queensland.
Waterbirds travel long distances to feed and breed at Lake Broadwater.

Lake Broadwater, surrounded by cypress pine, eucalypt and brigalow open woodland, is a shallow lake which covers approximately 350 ha of the 1,212 ha conservation park. It is listed in the Directory of Nationally Important Wetlands and is an excellent example of a semi-permanent freshwater lake in an area where these are rare. The lake fills only after heavy rains and when full is up to 3–4 m deep. It dries out periodically, sometimes for lengthy periods.

More than 230 species of birds have been recorded at the park. The number and variety are due primarily to the wide range of habitat types; from wetlands to vegetation representative of drier inland regions. It is a valuable breeding ground for waterfowl, including migratory species that have traveled long distances from other parts of Australia and the world.


The park preserves valuable remnants of the vegetation types which once covered the western Downs before European settlement. Many are now uncommon elsewhere due to agricultural development. Four hundred and fifty species of plants have been identified in the park, along with at least 30 mammals, 55 reptiles, 22 frogs, numerous fish and a myriad of invertebrates.

With easy access to water, tracks and recreational facilities, Lake Broadwater a great spot to relax and to appreciate nature.

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Stay overnight at one of two camping areas. Both have toilets, barbecues, picnic tables and tap-water (boil or treat before drinking).

Wilga Bush camping area has secluded campsites and is set among the forest, 1 km from the Lake. The recreation area beside the lake also has a camping area with cold showers.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. Permits must obtained on site prior to setting up camp.

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