Lake Broadwater Conservation Park Queensland

DSC00124Lake Broadwater is 29 kms south of Dalby on the Moonie Road.


Lake Broadwater has two camping areas: Lake Broadwater and Wilga Bush.


The Lake Broadwater camping area is managed by the Western Downs Regional Council, while the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service manages the Wilga Bush camping area.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. Permits must be obtained before setting up camp. Fee is $5 a night which includes hot water showers and powerpoints in the amenities block for your own hair dryer…

DSC00147There are 240 different birds at the Lake …cockatoos, herons, pelicans, tern, spoonbill,

DSC00137There are two marsupial mice a pouched mouse

There are kangaroos and wallabies and other animals, including 12 varieties of snakes. At night you can hear and see the wallabies hopping around the camp, and mynas and apostle birds are so tame they come almost to the camps

DSC00159Many freshwater fish live in the dam, which is also noted for ski boats and leisure craft

DSC00166The grounds were originally part of a station, then purchased by the government to be made into a Conservation Park. It is very beautiful and relaxing and popular in the summer.

Now in winter it is not so habited and totally empty. Last night 4 campers and today about 6 camps are using these facilities.

DSC00172It was a very misty morning again today and it was almost midday when the mist cleared and the afternoon was beautiful sun.

Tonight is the shortest day and longest night of the year…and its sure to be very cold again…