Neil Turner Weir Queensland

26°28′17″S 147°57′31.2″EA fantastic place for a quiet rest and relaxation with great camping spots

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Neil Turner Weir is a small weir located on the northern side of the town of Mitchell, in Queensland, Australia. The weir holds back the waters of the Maranoa River. A campsite exists, with free toilet facilities. To the west, on the banks of the river held back by the weir, is a fishing spot known as Fisherman’s Rest.

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The weir was built in 1984 and is made of concrete and filled with sand.[1] The capacity of the Neil Turner Weir is 2,000 ML.[2]

calm waters DSC00035 ducks frost on the grass frost frosty morning on the weir frosty shores grounds of the weir My camping spot by the water reflections


The weir supplies water to the town of Mitchell, is used for irrigation and regulates streamflow.

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