Whale Watching Cruise Gold Coast

We waited two days to get on a tour as the weather was not kind. We finally struck it lucky on the Wednesday and off we went in a luxurious new Craft that looked imposing


Before going on board we were told it was a Sea sick day and to take pills which they were selling. I have never been sick in my life and saw no need for seasickness medication. More than half the passengers were either sick or very close to it and I felt very squeamish with the rolling of the boat on the seas. This spoiled the trip for all those experiencing discomfort and there was nothing to help them at all, and being told that pills were offered before embarking was not a help at all.

I hated the entire experience because of this..I managed to get 4 photos. It was not easy with the rolling of the boat, and hanging on trying to take photos was not easy at all.


water waves

Yes, there is a whale in the right corner…you can see the waves rolling and rolling

whale 4

whale3view from BoatThe view was great from the boat, but the problem was trying to capture it with the continual rolling  of the boat which stayed in this one spot going round in a circle.

whale tailThis was my best photo from the last whale watching tour I did at Hervey Bay. You can see the story on the blog…and see the photos…


whale goes to look at small boat

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