Opulence on the Nerang River at the Gold Coast

The afternoon tour left The Vibe Jetty and took us on a leisurely 2 hour cruise along the Nerang River where there are some magnificent homes of the very rich.

Most houses are empty or not lived in, being holiday homes for people who do not live here and appear to visit only rarely.

Most homes had private jetties with luxury craft moored outside…


The starting Point with all the high rise Apartments over looking the River.


4You need a few million dollars to purchase one of these homes…



8Yes, this is a private house with water views built right on the Nerang River.


Our tour Captain did not know much about the homes…when I asked he said he was not from here and was not familiar with who lives where…


11This one is my favorite….simple and designed for enjoyment of the water..

1314Maybe you may get lucky to be invited for a visit and have tea in a room with a view.

If any owners need a great chef and care taker..I am available….Just call…