Moon over the Sea 26th May 2013 Russell Island

Two nights and two early mornings Have I sat on a small damp bench across from the bay trying to capture the moon setting over the sea.

Moon set

It was like a tube of light reflected in the waters of the very low tide


The evening moon was above making the outside as bright as the day


I viewed it from the verandah but it was far too bright for me to capture any detail.


Today, the 26th May, found me back on the damp bench trying again to capture the beauty of the moon setting over the sea. The moon  was not as large as yesterday and the tide was way out only showing a small strip of water.

Low tide and setting Mon

There was hardly any color in the dawn light at 6am…and the moon was not setting as fast as it was doing yesterday.

The tide had been very high the night before…the tide line came well into the grass washing away the grass clippings I had raked over the ridge into the rocks and sand

High Tide Line

I watched the color fading and the moon was slowly disappearing into a pale haze and visibility and clarity was fast vanishing. I took the last photo and went up to see the sun starting to rise.

Moon set 26 May..bright

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