Yangquan Shanxi China…the City of Yangquan



Yangquan, as a newly developed industrial city, is the political, economic and cultural center of the eastern part of Shanxi Province. With jurisdiction over the counties of Pingding and Yuxian, three districts of the Urban, Mining and Suburban, as well as the Economic and Technological Development Zone, it covers an area of 4570 square meters, and has a total population of 1.31 million.


Yangquan is situated on latitude 37.47-38.4 and longitude 113-114.10. With the climate of continental northern temperate zone, it has an annual average precipitation of 543.5-560.9mm and average wind force of 1.7-2.1 meters per second. Most areas in the City are over 700 meters above the sea level. The main rivers within its boundary are Hutuo, Taohe, and Nanchuan River; part of the Haihe River System. There are several underground springs and their annual exploited capacity amounts to 104 million cubic meters.

Library at Yangquan
Library at Yangquan

Yangquan, as one of the important mining area in China, is rich in mineral resources. Among 52 proven minerals, anthracite, ferrite, and bauxite are the top three and there are large quantities of high grade, easily accessible reserves of each. Yangquan holds the leading position in production of these three minerals in China. The coal mining area is 1051 square kilometers with reserves of 10.2 billion tons. Sulfide and bauxite has a reserve of 45 million tons, and 118 million tons respectively. There are also rich reserves of porcelain material, kaolin, clay, with a reserve of 177.4 million tons, feldspar 43.17 million tons, quartz 43.2 million tons and topside of 500 million tons.


Yangquan has a unique geographic position as it is the gateway between Shanxi and Hebei Province. It provides links to between coastal areas and the rest of China, with the city often used as a short cut to transport products from the coastal areas, inland. Yangquan is also in a strategic position to link western and eastern areas. With Taiyuan to its west and Shijiazhuang to its east, it is well facilitated economically by these two big cities, with the former being a heavy industrial city and the latter a light industrial one.