Dining Out in Yangquan Shanxi China

Yangquan has some beautiful restaurants of a huge size seating over a thousand with large areas within the restaurant for parties and functions, public eating areas, and smaller private areas for groups of up to twenty people.


Dinners and lunches usually have at least 20 courses, or more.

Extravagant by western standards but usual and customary by Chinese standards.


The meal begins with a selection of cold dishes, include sliced meats, sweet celery, bean shoots with chilli, cucumber, corn and boiled peanuts and macadamia nuts and other delicacies followed by a fish dish, then a hot pot, fried dishes and vegetables, and finally dumplings, noodles. rice and ending with sweet succulent fruit usually watermelon, often mandarins and strawberries

Mr Zheng, Principal Maria and Maggi

Even a simple meal for two becomes a huge feast of many foods. This is a hot pot restaurant.

Each restaurant only serves one type of food. The restaurants specialize in what they get known for.