Great Wall of China at Yangquan Shanxi Province


This is the end of the Great Wall after it travels over 5,000 kms through 7 provinces in China.

This part is well maintained and has a beautiful Temple at one point on the mountain, which links to the final climb which ends the wall.


We went by car and the turnoff to Nazhighen Pass is an hour from yangquan and 360 kms from Beijing.

The road is the main road from Beijing and is full of heavy vehicles and heavily loaded trucks so can be a long drive.

The turnoff road is used by trucks and is badly damaged in places. The Great Wall is a wonderful experience


This is the view from the top of the Temple and you can see below to the road traveled by the trucks


This is the Philosophers Maze and Gallery of Calligraphy which was written by visiting famous chinese calligraphers.

They would have walked the maze and by the time they reached the exit, a writing would have been created.


Another relazing area and garden below the Great wall and the temple