Dumplings Yangquan Style

DSCN0203Making dumplings with a Chinese family was a all in experience. Flour and water was combined, then kneaded to make a soft dough. This was cut into small pieces and then rolled into a fat pencil. The fat pensil of dough was then cut into small pieces about the size of a 20 cent coin and rolled thinly using a small roller into thin pancakes which were filled with a mixture of meat, mushroom and egg.


The little girl also helped by making shapes and playing with the dough.

DSCN0209The dumplings were made by folding over the dough circle and squeezing it with two hands to make a crescent shape with finger indentations like a frill. These were all piled into boiling water, which was brought back to the boil when the dumplings were cooked.

DSCN0208There were other foods added to the meal…some sliced cucumber, potato noodles, boiled chicken and cooked ham and pigs trotters.

The dumplings were dipped into vinegar with garlic added and delicious.


The family sat around the table and ate with chopsticks and small bowls and drank crysanthemum flower tea which was also delicious.


Dumplings are a standard dish in China but is only eaten on special occasions like Chinese new Year, Dragon Day and other festivities.

The main meal is actually noodles with a soup made from using the noodle water, soya sauce, spring onions or garlic chives and vinegar.

It is very tasty.


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  1. Hi Maggie, looks like your having a lot of fun, its been very wet back here so you are not missing much. Hope the teaching is going alright after your airport muck up, see you when you get back. John.


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