Yangquan Shanxi Province China

I am now at Yangquan staying at the Yangquan Foreign language School Apartments where I stayed last time.

DSCN0038 - Copy

The apartments and the view across to the mountains that surround Yangquan



The School Grounds below with the basketball courts and the garden on the right DSCN0040

Deserted Grounds at Dawn


Mountain Shinosan  and the Monument on the topDSCN0044

Hotel on the top of the mountain


My apartment in Yangquan


International Womens Day and the school welcomes the Women Teachers at the School.


The Staff were taken to a Kareoke Place where they sang Kareoke and danced to the Music. It is a tradition here on Womens Day


Maggi at the front of the school with the welcome Notice and the International Day Welcome and message


Yangquan in Chinese Writing:   in simplified Chinese  in traditional Chinese

Yangquan in Chinese Pronunciation:    Click the button to learn how to say Yangquanin Mandarin Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to play it to a conductor when buying a train ticket to Yangquan.

Yangquan Overview:  Situated to the west side of Taihang Mountain, Yangquan occupies a total area of 4,470 square kilometers and Yangquan is the third largest city in Shanxi province,with a population of 1.3 million. Yangquan is rich in mineral resources and is famous for its smokeless coal. Tourist spots include Niangzi Xiao Pass and the Zangshan Mountain.


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